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A perfect home is a haven. And for a select few, the perfect home is also a gateway to another world. We call that world Immersa.

Finely tuned harmonics fuse with high performance visual design to create a room dedicated to the art of acoustic mastery and cinematic perception.

The Immersa experience is one like no other, creating a willing suspension of disbelief that transports you beyond the places you thought home cinema could go.

Each Immersa environment is finely tuned around the position of the viewer. Precision seating locations and industry leading components offer a fully immersive experience, while providing the maximum comfort possible. 


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Brian McAuliff - Principal Designer

Brian McAuliff - Principal Designer


Architects, designers and statement property owners insist on Brian for system design. When asked why, the response is unmatched technical expertise and design sensibilities. The expertise comes from 30+ years of experience he has in the field and thousands of projects, all beginning from his youth. 


Brian has built a team of expert engineers, technicians, designers and support personnel to deliver performance spaces. Every theater design is built with a goal to create willing suspension of disbelief, which truly makes an Immersa Cinema an escape.  


Clients have reported that they have spent days in their new cinemas and often need to readjust to the fact that they're still in their own home. 


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These are chosen based upon throw-distance, lumens, processing power, and lensing. Accessories include anamorphic lenses, and motorized elements. Present units being specified are all 4K HDR. 



For large format viewing, nothing surpasses the viewing experience offered by the Immersa projector system. Formatted specifically for cinema format, the increased field of view provided by a CineCurve screens makes movies more convincing than you ever thought possible.



An immersive experience at the tips of your fingers. Immersa puts you in control of everything you see, hear and feel. From lighting and video to sound and comfort, you're in the driver's seat with complete control.  

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Lighting can make or break the look of a room. Well-designed lighting does not erode the screen image, provides safe egress during the movie, and enhances the overall experience. Specialty lighting can add a whole new dimension to the room. Attention must be paid to beam spread, color quality, and control.

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Studio Direct Movie Server

A studio direct movie server allows you to download the actual movie file - just like the theaters - with the high-resolution audio and advanced formatting.You own the movie. 


There are hundreds of speaker types and combinations. Speakers are selected by how well they complement the environment. Immersa designers are not limited to specific manufacturers.

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Subwoofers and Transducers

Low frequencies are some of the hardest to manage. Today's Blockbuster movies rely on great bass for performance. Statement spaces include multiple subwoofers, rumble subs, and transducers - all to enhance the experience. Placement and calibration is critical.


Audio Video Processor

Surround sound with up to 32-channels, 4K HDR switching, and parametric equalization are just a few pieces that make up the Immersa experience. Functional perfection that achieves reference standard performance is at the core of the audio video components.



Selected for both quality and comfort, our designs, and your journey begin with our seating. On display in our studio are more than a dozen different theater chairs from multiple manufacturers.

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Interior Finishes

Details make the difference and our designer fusses over fabrics, woods, and metal details and insists our studio have hundreds of samples for our clients to view. From different levels of leather for chairs to wood molding and brushed aluminum trims, clients get a real-feel for the finished look before approval.


Acoustical Treatments

A home theater built into a sheetrock room is an acoustical house of mirrors; a jarring experience that fatigues the listener. Immersa provides the real thing. Our immersive sound experience is the result of finely tuned positioning and strategic acoustical room treatments that combine to create the perfect acoustic balance. 

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Technology moves quickly and new features and updates become available regularly. Many software updates can be done remotely but from time-to-time a site visit may be required. Our staff of trained professionals all have background checks and years of experience working in fine homes. 



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Our Process

  • Studio Visit

    A visit to our Technology Studio complete with demo spaces including a full 11.3 statement Immersa cinema. This is by far the best way to understand the options and performance levels available. A general size and ceiling height of the space your considering is helpful to have during this visit. We will be able to determine the number of seats and approximate screen size for your home cinema. We'll discuss performance desires and give you a preliminary budget.

  • Initial Design

    Based upon the agreed budget and initial design fee our team will visit your space, take detailed measurements, and discuss layout. We will then create a 3D rendering of your cinema or media room. A detailed budget will also be provided.

  • Detailed Design

    With your approval of the rendering and detailed budget, construction drawings will be prepared with the necessary detail to get accurate pricing. A final detailed quotation and sample board showing finishes will be presented.

  • Construction Scheduled

    Upon your approval and progress payment, all equipment is ordered and work is scheduled. If your contractor is doing a part of the work they will be coordinated by our project manager. If you have selected turn-key service our certified contractor - who has done our theater interior work for more than 20 years - is scheduled.

  • Electronics Assembled and Tested

    While the construction portion of the work is being done in your space, our engineering and programming departments will be working on your system. The equipment will be assembled and tested in our lab to ensure it meets our performance standards and is ready for installation.

  • Commissioning

    When the room is free of dust and finishes are complete, the equipment is installed and the space is calibrated using a spectrum analyzer. You will receive client instruction on the use and care of your system.

  • Viewing Party

    Invite friends and family and have a viewing party and show off your new space! Be prepared to have excuses ready so you don’t have movie guests every night.












Why do I need a theater designer; can’t my interior decorator or contractor design my room? 

There is much more to consider when designing a theater that is not typically in the knowledge-base of an interior designer or contractor. These include sight lines, room acoustics, light control, sound isolation, vibration control, and more. If you have a favorite interior designer or contractor, they certainly should be a part of the process.


How do I choose the projection screen size?

There is much to consider here including how far back you are sitting, ceiling height, and level of engagement you desire. Large screens are great if you’re watching new high-resolution content but older content may appear pixelated if you are sitting close. There has also been a change in screen ratios that must be considered. The original TV ratio is 4:3 - almost a square. The new ratio for a TV is 16:9, however most movies are much wider – a ratio of around 2.35:1 – which is the size you want for a wall-to-wall viewing experience. As with the other elements of theater design it’s best to speak to an expert.


Can I just add sound panels to the walls of my room?

No. Typical sound panels only address a limited amount of frequencies and not bass, which can be a big issue based upon room geometry. Acoustical properties of spaces have lots of variables and improving them requires expertise. Better quality sound can be achieved by proper room acoustics engineering with less expensive speakers, as even the best speakers will sound terrible in an untreated room.


Will a theater increase the value of my home?

Maybe. From our experience a name brand designed theater with backup documentation and upgradeability will increase your home value. We have had clients get the full value of their theater on re-sale. However, theaters without an obvious design sensibility and/or limited performance are often liabilities.


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